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Poly Rattan Furniture Maintenance


Poly Rattan is basically the most common synthetic alternative to traditional rattan for Garden Furniture – It was designed to appear the same, although offer a more resistant and economical alternative. Most rattan furniture advertised is in fact Poly Rattan, as is all our furniture available on the Patio Furniture website.


All that is required of you is to keep the rattan clean. All you have to do is wipe it down with water. No detergents, just natural water to clean off the dust. If your furniture has stubborn dirt that is determined to stay, please use a mild soapy solution with water (dishwashing soap for example) and wipe it clean.

Benefits of Poly Rattan Patio Furniture:

Polyethene is selected for synthetic rattan garden furniture because it is extremely resistant to wear and tear – making it perfect for our South African climate! It is lighter, stronger and can be weaved into various shapes. It is extremely weather proof, and if looked after, it will last for many years outside – although we do recommend that you utilize a PVC waterproof protective cover for the winter months – and please make sure you store your cushions indoors when not in use, in order to keep them in pristine condition.

The furniture is plastic, so it does not attract bugs and wildlife infestation – which means, it can be used with no worry in any kind of garden.

Wooden Furniture Maintenance


To gain the optimal durability of your latest piece of furniture, a full oil treatment is greatly recommended up to 3 times a year, depending on the weather conditions to which the furniture has been exposed. Without treatment the wood will turn a dark grey color. All wood class used for garden furniture will when aging turn grey with small cracks in the surface due to the regular change in temperature and humidity. These small cracks do not relate to the quality of the wood, as they have no influence on the durability and are not to be seen as flaws. If the natural color is desired again, once the furniture has turned gray, a straightforward treatment by buffing with sandpaper (grain 120 –240), followed by the application of hardwood oil can be used. Danish oil is greatly recommended As a rule of thumb, use a cotton cloth wet with a little Danish oil and wipe down your outdoor furniture weekly as you would for dust. This is especially important if your furniture is fully exposed all year round to the bad weather elements.

Storage in winter:

During winter the furniture should be stored in a cold and dry place, an unheated room like a garage. If the garden furniture is stored in a heated area, it will dry out causing it to shrink and allow all connections to become loose. PVC waterproof furniture covers also work very well in winter.


Please note that the weather conditions in South Africa are extreme, and will have an enormous impact on your wooden furniture, no matter where you are situated.
If you choose to let your wooden furniture turn silver grey, we will not be held responsible for the deterioration in the quality. You do so at your own risk.